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Movie Name: Meteor Man
Casting By: Robert Townsend - Jefferson Reed
Marla Gibbs - Mrs. Reed, Jeff's Mother
Released: 6 August, 1993 (USA)
Genre: Superhero
Runtime: 100 min
Rating: PG
Director(s): Robert Townsend
Producer(s): Robert Townsend, Loretha C. Jones
Writer(s): Robert Townsend
Distribution: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM)
U.S. Box Office: $7,982,817
Country: USA
Language: English
  Meteor Man
Movie Review

The Meteor Man is a 1993 film by director, writer, and star Robert Townsend about a superhero.

Jefferson Reed is a mild mannered school teacher in Washington D.C. His neighborhood is plagued by a local gang, The Golden Lords, drug dealers who terrorize the locals. One night, Jeff steps in to rescue a woman from the gang, only to end up running from them himself. Hiding in a garbage dumpster, he manages to escape, but as he climbs out of it, he is struck down by a glowing green meteorite which crashes down from the sky. His spine is crushed and he receives severe burns. He awakens several days later in hospital, but when his bandages are taken off, he is miraculously healed from all his injuries.

Jeff soon discovers the meteorite has left him with other abilities too, such as flight and superhuman strength. Confiding this to his parents (Robert Guillaume and Marla Gibbs), he is convinced by them to use his powers to try and help his community. His mother designs a costume for him, and as The Meteor Man, he takes on the Golden Lords and their leader Simon Caine (Roy Fegan). He puts down a crack house, stops a robbery, and unites the Crips and Bloods.

The Golden Lords learn of his identity and the loss of his powers. The gang ruins the neighborhood. As the community members plan to make a deal with them, Jeff jumps in and teaches them about fighting for their beliefs. A powerless Jeff fights Simon and nearly dies until the neighborhood fights back. Jeff and Simon both get a fragment of the meteor and engage in a brawl, with Meteor Man as the victor.

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