Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood movie, review, plot, cast, crew, trivia, awards and quotes
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Movie Name: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood
Casting By: Kane Hodder - Jason Voorhees
Lar Park-Lincoln - Tina Shepard
Released: 13 May, 1988
Genre: Horror and Sequel
Runtime: 90 min.
Rating: R
Director(s): John Carl Buechler
Producer(s): Frank Mancuso Jr., Iain Paterson, Barbara Sachs
Writer(s): Manuel Fidello, Daryl Haney
Distribution: Paramount Pictures
U.S. Box Office: $19,069,488
Country: USA
Language: English
  Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood
Movie Review

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood is the sixth sequel to the original Friday the 13th. Due to the movie's plot (Jason trying to kill a telekinetic female teenager) some have nicknamed it "Jason vs. Carrie". It is also the first entry of four to date to feature Kane Hodder in the role of Jason. It took in $19.1 million at the domestic box office, the 8th-highest grossing movie of the series.

This film is somewhat notorious among fans of the series for its rough treatment by the film crew, who made extensive cutting of the violence to avoid an X-rating. Though some of the trimmed footage was included as a supplemental feature in the box set of the series, fans had been hoping that the sequences would be reintegrated into the film itself.

As a child, Tina Shepard witnessed her alcoholic father physically abusing her mother. The emotional trauma unlocks Tina's previously latent telekinetic powers, which result in her father's death at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

Many years later, Tina is still struggling with the guilt surrounding the death of her father. Tina's mother, Mrs. Shepard (Susan Blu), takes her to the same lakeside residence so that her powers can be studied (and exploited) by her psychiatrist, Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser). Dr. Crews begins a series of experiments (verbal assaults) designed to agitate Tina's mental state, forcing her powers to become more pronounced.

After a particularly upsetting session with Dr. Crews, Tina runs from the cabin and attempts to raise her father. Instead, she accidentally resurrects Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder), the notorious Crystal Lake serial killer. Tina's torment from her powers is increased as Jason kills everyone around her. Mrs. Shepard, Dr. Crews, and a group of youths vacationing in a nearby cabin, are all killed violently by Jason. Tina is left with no choice but to utilize her powers in an effort to stop him. She unleashes her psychic abilities on Jason in a climactic showdown wherein the Shepard lakeside cabin is destroyed by an explosive fire. Although she is unable to kill Jason, she unknowingly resurrects her father, who emerges from the lake and drags Jason back down into the depths with him. Jason is once again chained to a large boulder at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

Unedited versions of certain deaths in the movie recently became accessible online videos. The deaths are extremely gruesome and more violent than the edited deaths in the original cut of the film. The death of the girl being slammed against a tree while in a sleeping bag is longer, with Jason taking six swings at the tree instead of just one. The death of a boy about to go for a swim is more graphic, with more blood coming from his wound where Jason chops his face vertically with an axe. The death of the boy who has his face crushed is much more graphic, showing more blood coming from his mouth and eyes. The death of Tina's psychiatrist is more graphic when his stomach is cut with a circular saw. The death of Tina's mother shows more blood when she is impaled by Jason. Other unrated deaths include the death of the boy who is impaled by Jason's arm, and the death of the boy of whom the birthday party in the movie is for.

The film opened in 1,796 theaters making $8.2 million on its opening weekend. Domestically, the film has grossed $19.1 million.

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