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Album Name: Yes
Singer(s): Mika Nakashima
Released: March 14, 2007
Genre: J-Pop
Length: 1:07:00
Label: Sony Music Associated Records
Album Review

YES is Mika Nakashima's fifth Japanese album and the fourth original album released under her own name. This is the first of her albums released in both a CD only and a CD+DVD Limited Edition format. It boasts a slower, more gospel-orientated arrangement, but sticks to Mika's traditional formula of soft, light, almost 'adult contemporary' pop songs.

The Limited Edition includes a bonus DVD featuring the videos for 'Cry No More,' 'Black & Blue,' 'All Hands Together,' 'My Sugar Cat,' 'Mienai Hoshi,' 'I Love You,' and a live recording of her cover of Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World.' The album and DVD are housed in a three-panel foldout box including a note with information on pre-ordering tickets to her Japan-wide concert tour before others with purchase.



"I Love You(Album Ver.)"
"Mienai Hoshi (見えない星; Invisible Star)"
"Sunao na Mama (素直なまま; The State of Honesty)"
"Cry No More"
"All Hands Together"
"Dance With The Devil"
"Black & Blue"
"The Dividing Line"
"My Sugar Cat"
"Yogoreta Hana (汚れた花; Stained Flower)"
"Going Back Home"
"Kinenka (祈念歌; Song of Prayer)"
"What a Wonderful World"

DVD (Limited):

"Cry No More"
"Black & Blue"
"All Hands Together"
"My Sugar Cat"
"Mienai Hoshi (見えない星; Invisible Star)"
"What a Wonderful World"
"Ending Roll"

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