E 1999 Eternal tracks, album, songs, music, reviews and overview
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Album Name: E 1999 Eternal
Singer(s): Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Recorded: 1995
Released: July 25, 1995
Genre: Midwest Rap
Length: 01:08:06; 01:11:52 (Re-release)
Label: Ruthless Records
  E 1999 Eternal
Album Review

E 1999 Eternal is a gangsta rap album by hip hop group Bone Thugs N Harmony, released on July 25, 1995 (see 1995 in music). following up on the surprise success of their breakthrough single, "Thuggish Ruggish Bone", E 1999 Eternal became a popular album that received substantial critical acclaim for Bone Thugs N Harmony's unique melodic style of rapping.

E 1999 Eternal peaked on Billboard's (North America) Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums and the Billboard 200 charts.


"Da Introduction" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/T. Hester)
"East 1999" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/Tony-C)
"Eternal" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/Tony-C)
"Crept and We Came" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek)
"Down '71 (The Getaway)" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/Tony-C)
"Mr. Bill Collector" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/Tony-C)
"Budsmokers Only" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek)
"Crossroad" (Bone/DJ U Neek/Tony-C) / "Tha Crossroads (D.J. U-Neek's Mo Thug Remix)" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek)
"Me Killa" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek)
"Land of Tha Heartless" (Bones/D.J. U-Neek/Kenny McCloud)
"No Shorts, No Losses" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/Kenny McCloud)
"1st of tha Month" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/M. Powell)
"Buddah Lovaz" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/Tony-C)
"Die Die Die" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek)
"Mr. Ouija 2" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek)
"Mo' Murda" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/Tony-C)
"Shotz to Tha Double Glock" (Bone/D.J. U-Neek/Poetic Hustlas/Graveyard Shift/Kenny McCloud)

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