Chocolate and Cheese tracks, album, songs, music, reviews and overview
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Album Name: Chocolate and Cheese
Singer(s): Ween
Recorded: 1994
Released: September 27, 1994
Genre: Alternative Rock
Length: 54:47
Label: Elektra
  Chocolate and Cheese
Album Review

Chocolate and Cheese was Ween's fourth studio album, originally released by Elektra Records in 1994. It's notable for being the first Ween album to eschew the four-track recordings of their first three albums and utilize a professional recording studio. However, most of the instruments were still played by Dean and Gene Ween, including their drum machine.

Reportedly, the album was a big hit in Japan, mostly due to the provocative album cover (featuring a large-breasted girl wearing a very small t-shirt that nearly exposes her attributes).


"Take Me Away"
"Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)"
"Freedom of '76"
"I Can't Put My Finger on It"
"A Tear for Eddie"
"Roses are Free"
"Baby Bitch"
"Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?"
"Drifter in the Dark"
"Voodoo Lady"
"Joppa Road"
"Buenos Tardes Amigo"
"The H.I.V. Song"
"What Deaner Was Talkin' About"
"Don't Shit Where You Eat"

Freedom of '76 was released as a single by Flying Nun Records, and featured the tracks "Now I'm Freaking Out" and "Pollo Asado".

Voodoo Lady was released as a single on Flying Nun Records (as a 7") and White Records (as a CD), and included the tracks "Buenos Tardes Amigo," "There's a Pig" (CD version only), and "Vallejo" (CD version only).

Voodoo Lady was also used in the sound track to "Dude, Where's My Car?," and "Road Trip."

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