Bedtime Stories tracks, album, songs, music, reviews and overview
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Album Name: Bedtime Stories
Singer(s): Madonna
Recorded: 1994
Released: October 20, 1994
Genre: Pop
Length: 51:50
Label: Maverick / Warner Bros.
  Bedtime Stories
Album Review

Bedtime Stories is the sixth studio album and the tenth recording by singer Madonna, released in 1994 (see 1994 in music).

The album is unique as it has marked one of the few occasions where Madonna has colloborated with well-known, established producers (the other exceptions being Nile Rodgers and David Foster). Her reason to work with unknown producers for the majority of her career has been more about creative control than anything else. Stylistically, the album harkens back to Madonna's roots as an R&B singer and her choice of producers reflects this - Dallas Austin who was well known at the time for his work with TLC, Babyface who had worked with many of Madonna's own contemporaries including Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton, Dave Hall who had produced Mariah Carey and Nellee Hooper, who had produced Soul II Soul.

The purpose of the album was to highlight a softer side to Madonna's character, in contrast to the more outrageous, sexual persona from her previous album Erotica. In many ways, Madonna sought to repair some of the damage she had done to her public image through this album.

While certainly the album is stylistically more mainstream than its predecessor and less controversial in terms of its lyrical content, it includes perhaps some of Madonna's most confrontational work. Indeed, the song "Human Nature" appears to be a scathing commentary directed towards the media for its treatment of her, with lyrics like "Did I say something wrong? Oops, I didn't know I couldn't talk about sex".


"Survival" (Austin, Madonna) - 3:31
"Secret" (Austin, Madonna) - 5:04
"I'd Rather Be Your Lover" (Hall, Isley Brothers, Jasper, Madonna) - 4:39
"Don't Stop" (Austin, Madonna, Wolfe) - 4:38
"Inside of Me" (Hall, Hooper, Madonna) - 4:11
"Human Nature" (Deering, Hall, Madonna, McKenzie, McKenzie) - 4:53
"Forbidden Love" (Babyface, Madonna) - 4:09
"Love Tried to Welcome Me" (Hall, Madonna) - 5:21
"Sanctuary" (Austin, Cutler, Hancock, Madonna, Preven) - 5:03
"Bedtime Story" (Björk, DeVries, Hooper) - 4:52
"Take a Bow" (Babyface, Madonna) - 5:21

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